Quote1 You need me to make sure everyone knows you and the rest of your former underwear clown support group aren't guilty. So I think I'll sit here and enjoy this cigar while you save the girl. Then I'll take all the credit, and the people of Blüdhaven will know it's cops who protect them, not some punk from Gotham. Shawn will be let off the hook. And you slink back to your bat-buddies knowing Bludhaven is the kind of city that puts you on billboards and throws ya to the wolves. The best part about it? I'm on the clock. And you? You're a superhero. You're doing this for free. Quote2
--Elise to Nightwing (Nightwing Vol 4, #14)

Elise Svoboda (Prime Earth)
Real Name Elise Svoboda
General Information
Identity Public
Affiliations: Bludhaven Police Department
Occupation: Lieutenant
Citizenship American
Characteristics Information
Sex Female
Race Human
Alignment Good
Eye Color Blue
Hair Blonde
Status: Alive
Real World Information
Universe Prime Earth
First Appearance: Nightwing #12 (2016)
Created by: Tim Seeley
Marcus To

Elise Svoboda is a Lieutenant from the Blüdhaven Police Department. She is a staunch believer in the police force doing it's job and initially disapproves of their new protector, Nightwing but later becomes one of his allies within the city.[1]


Back to BlüdhavenEdit

Investigating the murder of Robert Chapman and already listing Shawn Tsang as their prime suspect, she is visited by Nightwing, already critical about his potential in stealing their jobs though relinquishes the fact it'll take a while. Nightwing informs her that not only she has the wrong person but also is missing a few clues from the crime scene.[1] Although stubborn, she finds that Nightwing is correct. Previous cases she's work on that went unsolved had the same fate happen to the victim: deliberate turns to the head. She enlists the help of Defacer to catch the real killer and later Nightwing.[2] She assists Nightwing in taking down James Nice, having figure out that he was the killer from past crime. Shooting one of his mirrors and mixed with one of his technological weapons, he is permanently scarred in his face. Taking James into custody, she takes credit to remind people of BPD's effectiveness.[3]

Raptor's RevengeEdit

The UntouchablesEdit


  • Elise disapproves of the introduction of social media.[2]


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