Gray Son of Gotham (Prime Earth)
Other Alias(es) Gray Son of Gotham
General Information
Relatives Burton Crowne (Maternal Grandfather; Deceased)
William Cobb (Father)
Amelia Crowne (Mother; Deceased)
John Grayson (Son; Deceased)
Mary Grayson (Daughter-in-law; Deceased)
Affiliations: Haly's Circus
Citizenship American
Characteristics Information
Sex Male
Race Human
Hair Black
Status: Unknown
Real World Information
Universe Prime Earth

The Gray Son of Gotham is the son of William Cobb and Ameilia Crowne.[1]


Born from the affair between William Cobb and Amelia Crowne, his true parentage was hidden legally by arranging the marriage between Amelia and a second cousin by her father, Burton Crowne. After joining the Court of Owls, William would take his son from his mother and had him secretly raised in Haly's Circus. Eventually, the Gray Son of Gotham grows up to be the father of John Grayson.[1]


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