Mary Grayson (Prime Earth)
Real Name Mary Grayson (nee Lloyd)
General Information
Relatives John Grayson (Husband; deceased)
Richard Grayson (Son)
Gray Son of Gotham (Father-in-law)
William Cobb (Grandfather-in-law)
Amelia Crowne (Grandmother-in-law; Deceased)
Identity Public
Former Affiliations: Haly's Circus
Former Occupation: Circus acrobat, Thief, Outlaw
Citizenship American
Characteristics Information
Sex Female
Race Human
Sexuality Heterosexual
Alignment Neutral
Ethnicity Romani descent
Eye Color Blue
Hair Brown
Martial Status Married
Status: Deceased
Real World Information
Universe Prime Earth
First Appearance: Nightwing (Volume 3) #3
Created by: Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Kyle Higgins, Eddy Barrows, Eduardo Pansica.

Mary Grayson (nee Lloyd) was a circus acrobat in Haly's Circus along with her husband, John. She is the mother of Dick Grayson whom was killed in a tragic accident staged by the mob boss, Tony Zucco.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Family lifeEdit

Zero YearEdit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit




  • Going off a conversation she has with her husband in the comics, she seems to have replaced John as Dick's full-Romani parent in this universe.


  1. Nightwing #0 (Volume 3)

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