Maxine Manchester (Prime Earth)
Real Name Maxine Manchester
Current Alias(es): Ladytron
Other Alias(es) Max
General Information
Affiliations: God Garden
Citizenship British
Power(s) Cyborg Enhancements
Characteristics Information
Sex Female
Race Human
Unusual features Cybernetic features all over her body
Martial Status Single
Status: Alive
Real World Information
Universe Prime Earth
First Appearance: Team 7 #5 (Volume 2)
Created by: Alan Moore, Travis Charest

Maxine Manchester, known as Ladytron, is a British[1] cyborg who currently works as an agent for the God Garden.[2]


Team 7Edit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit



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  1. Team 7 (Volume 2) #5
  2. Grayson #13

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