Quote1 Well done, well done. Now you can sweep all this away. Another secret to be kept. But can you keep me? I have worked for years, stealing Spyral's secrets from the inside. Using Spyral to steal the world's greatest secrets. What can you do, what will you do? To keep me from talking? Because I swear, i will out it all. Cross my heart......hope to die. Quote2
--Mister Minos[src]

Mister Minos (Prime Earth) 4
Real Name Unknown
Current Alias(es): Mister Minos
General Information
Identity Secret
Former Affiliations: Spyral
Former Occupation: Director of Spyral
Characteristics Information
Sex Male
Race Human
Alignment Bad
Hair Blonde
Status: Active
Real World Information
Universe Prime Earth
First Appearance: Nightwing #30 (2011)
Created by: Tom King, Tim Seely, Miken Janin

Mister Minos (also Mr. Minos) is the former the director of Spyral who plotted to learn expose the secrets of superheroes by collecting organs that were part of the Paragon Protocol as well as Spyral's own secrets[1]


Earlier LifeEdit

Not much is known Mister Minos's earlier life. All that is known is that he suffered through some sort of tragedy in which result in him "giving up" his "name" and "face". Grayson #6 He later worked for Spyral and became it's director and worked alongside Frau Netz for years. Grayson #8

Setting SonsEdit

After Matron rescued Dr. Leslie Thompkins and brought her in for Spyral, he interrogated her in a "interview-like" setting and ends up learning of Batman's secret identity. Nightwing (Volume 3) #30

Agents of SpyralEdit

Having given Matron the option to choose a new agent due to the demise of a former Spyral agent, Helena chooses Dick Grayson. While somewhat reluctant, he later accepts her choice, citing that he feels he'll be fit for their objective due to his predicament. Secret Origins (Volume 3) #8

Mister Minos was the director in which tasked the entire organization with collecting organs as part of the Paragon Protocol. He would frequently gives his agents missions to collect them under the guise that they were using the organs to identify the secret identity of superheroes, who's DNA was within the organs in which bestowed people powers of the Justice League. Unbenownst to him, however, Dick Grayson tried identifying the real idenitity of Mister Minos, only finding that he erases anything that can trace him with nanite machines. Grayson: Agents of Spyral

We All Die At DawnEdit

During the collecting of Paragon's brain, the mysterious entity known only as Spyder would appear, worried he took cases concerning the Fist of Cain personally and offer to erase his memories, a notion in which he denies for his own reasons. Grayson #6 He would later seemingly appear to save Matron from being killed by the Fist of Cain's leader, Christain Fleischer. Grayson #7 When the last Paragon organ was deliver, Minos set his real plans into actions. Planning to leak out the secret identities of the Justice League along with Spyral's secrets, he rebuilds Paragon and nearly kills Matron by shooting her with her own crossbow. He is seemingly killed by Matron after Paragon is defeated. In actuality, it was a light composite doppleganger to take his place while he secretly fled.

During the same time Spyral agents fight off the doppleganger, he meets a "reporter" and tells her that her of his plans and that he's going to run to a "woman in power" willing to trade his safety in exchange for information on Agent 37. However, he soon realizes that the "reporter" was in fact Agent Zero and is killed before he can truly reveal his motives. Grayson #8

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Mister Minos is a skilled marksman[2] and a cunning manipulator, having lied to various Spyral agents on his true goals in wanting to expose Spyral's secrets[3] as well as having served as Director of Spyral.[4] He's also extremely intelligent, having built light composite clones of himself,[3] rebuilt Paragon,[3] and hid his identity with the use of nanites to conceal himself on a microscopic level.[5]




  • Hypnos: Minos has some sort of Hynos implant in which keeps his face concealed in a spiral constantly.
  • Gun


  • Minos Light Composite: Of Mino's own design, Mister Minos has various other light composite doppelgangers.


  • Mister Minos was noted to be one of the various Rogues of Dick Grayson by Tim Seeley during #GraysonChat.[6]


  • No trivia.


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