Quote1 What this scum calls Social Justice is nothing more then treason, and Modora does not recognize the law of nations harboring terrorist. They must reveal themselves. Or you will all suffer. Quote2
--Modoran Commander[src]

Modora's Government Intelligence
General Information
Official name: Modora
Created by: Steve Orlando
First Appearance: Midnighter (Volume 2) #1 (Mentioned)
Planet: Earth

Modora is an country in which it's location is unknown. All that's know beyond the country name is that it also houses it's own government intelligence and are hostile towards nations such as the United States. It's people are known as "Mordorans".[1]



Sending it's own government intelligence to Oakland with the objective to apprehend and execute Modoran traitors, the intelligence group is intercepted and killed by the vigilante, Midnighter. Midnighter (Volume 2) #1


  • Modora's Government Intelligence: Modora has it's own government intelligence that accomplishes various task such as weed out traitors and execute them.[1]



  • Butcher Blasters:Unique weapons in which have the capability to kill people with their own anger, causing people to lash out randomly in anger and potentially injure or even kill pressure from blood strangling optic nerves.[1]


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