Orator (Prime Earth)
Real Name Unknown
Current Alias(es): Moloch
General Information
Affiliations: Parliment of Owls
Occupation: Handler
Leader of Parliment of Owls
Power(s) Animal DNA assmilation
Characteristics Information
Sex Male
Race Human (Genetically modified)
Alignment Bad
Hair Blond
Unusual features Resembles a giant, owl creature when transformed.
Status: Unknown
Real World Information
Universe Prime Earth
First Appearance: Nightwing (Volume 4) #1
Created by: Tim Seeley, Javier Fernandez

Orator is the leader of the Parliment of Owls and the handler of both Nightwing and Raptor. Having later used Kobra's stolen tech to modify himself to assimilate animal DNA, he can also transform into a monster known as the Moloch.[1]


Better than BatmanEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit




  1. Nightwing (Volume 4) #4

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