Quote1 You should have seen him then. The young scientist. Agent Zero. The Smasher of "Heroes". He and Spyral controlled and deluded minds. Manipulated men and nations. Brought the angels flaming to the Earth. He was so powerful. So confident. So utterly bored. Quote2
--Otto Netz[src]

Otto Netz (Prime Earth) 1
Real Name Otto Netz
Current Alias(es): Doctor Dedalus
Other Alias(es) Agent Zero
Herr Netz
Dady 8-Legs
Master Spy
General Information
Relatives Elisabeth Netz (Daughter; Deceased)
Katrina Netz (Daughter)
Spyder (Remnant of his mind)
Former Affiliations: Leviathan
Nazi Party
Former Occupation: Spymaster
Characteristics Information
Status: Deceased
Real World Information
First Appearance: Batman Incorporated #3
Created by: Grant Morrison
Yanick Paquette

Otto Netz, known as Doctor Dedalus and formerly Agent Zero of Spyral, was the founder of Spyral and a unrepentant Nazi master criminal of his own admission. He would later also founded the organization, Leviathan. Prior to his death, he uploaded the leftover portion of his mind into Spyder.[1]


Spyral and LeviathanEdit

As a young scientist, Otto Netz was tasked with helping his country, using his intelligence to create super soldier during the "first war". Not being enough, he was also asked to help his country deal with the emerging super humans. Setting himself for this task, he ends up creating Spyral and became known as Agent Zero, the "Smasher of Heroes". With his leadership and resources, he'd manipulate countless men and nations, though he eventually became bored of it. Wishing for Spyral to keep up with the modern age, he would secretly founded Leviathan to act as a antithesis to challenge the organization and be the perfect villain to push Spyral for the better. He then became known as Doctor Dedalus.[1]

Becoming a FatherEdit

As Otto aged, he'd find himself with Alzheimer's Disease. Although initially in denial to the point of putting the first two doctors who diagnosed with him the condition to death, he would make a home and later become the father of both Elisabeth and Katrina. Being his finest creations, he'd raise both daughters to understand his history. Having found a way to upload his mind into a machine, he'd preserve himself as the entity, Spyder. He'd also raise his daughters, telling their purpose was for one to become Agent Zero and the other to challenge the other as the leader of Leviathan.[1]

Encountering MotherEdit

At some point prior to trying to work Hypnos much to his own frustration 25 years ago, he encountered a woman known as Mother, having spoken to her as she claimed to be able to build a human being for whenever the needs arises. Finding the cost too high and confident in his own ability, he denies her request though notes that she could be provided as a valuable backup and archives this within one of his journals.[2]

Batman IncorporatedEdit

Main article: Otto Netz (New Earth)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Seemingly those of his New Earth counterpart.


  • This version is, more or less, a continuation of the New Earth counterpart in which he originated from.


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