Paris Patonja 1 (Prime Earth)
Real Name Paris Pantoja
General Information
Affiliations: St. Hadrian's Finishing School for Girls
Occupation: Spy
Characteristics Information
Status: Alive
Real World Information
First Appearance: Grayson #4
Created by: Tom King
Tim Seeley
Mikel Janin

Paris Pantoja[1] is one of the spies-in-training and students at St. Hadrian's Finishing School for Girls. Along with the likes of Lotti Duff, she joins her in her misadventures in which includes ogling their teacher, Agent 37.


Agents of SpyralEdit

As her and her friends break the rules set by the Headmistress, Paris and her friends are approached by Lotti and after a prank in which she performs an impression of Helena Bertinelli, she along with her group of friends decide to go on a "man-ty raid" after seeing an unknown agent. After spotting the agent along with her friends, Paris gives chase to Agent 37 but is later caught and paddled by the Headmistress as a result of being out past curfew. Grayson: Agents of Spyral

We All Die at DawnEdit

As Paris and her friends ogle at their teacher Agent 37, she and her friends along with Agent 37 find Helena injured. Deciding to go against her instruction, she and her friends assist Dick in taking down Paragon Grayson #8

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Paris is a skilled gymnast, having been taught by Matron and later Dick Grayson as well as a skilled marksman, having also been taught to use a Crossbow.[2][3]



  • Crossbow


  • Binoculars
  • Spyral Students Costume: Like the students of Spyral, Paris also has a costume in which resembles the first Batwoman's costume.


  • No notes


  • Paris is Latino.[2]


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