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Quote1 Fascinating. You lead yourself to the abattor and smile. I can smell your juices pumping. Do you want to hurt me? Kill me? I am Upir. Primal Death. I will leave you a sleeve of flesh and circuitry. Can you truly comprehend what I am? Quote2

Polidorin (Prime Earth)
Real Name Unknown
Other Alias(es) Polidorin
General Information
Affiliations: Inn of Guire Grando
Occupation: Manager of the Inn of Guire Grando
Characteristics Information
Real World Information
First Appearance: Midnighter (Volume 2) #4
Created by: Steve Orlando

Polidorin was a man whom was affected by the Battle Batallion, giving him powers that resembled "vampirism". He was also the manager of the Inn of Guire Grando.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit



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