Quote1 I liked your little speech earlier Dick...about confronting the things you don't want to deal with. Of course, that's what this is all about, isn't it? I mean. If you'd stayed with Haly's Circus in the first place...none of this would be happening. Quote2
--Raymond to Nightwing[src]

Saiko (Prime Earth) 1
Real Name Raymond McCreary
Other Alias(es) Saiko
General Information
Former Affiliations: Haly's Circus
Court of Owls
Former Occupation: Contract Killer
Circus Performer
Characteristics Information
Status: Deceased
Real World Information
First Appearance: Nightwing #1 (Volume 3)
Created by: Kyle Hggins
Eddy Barrows

Raymond McCreary, known as Saiko, was a contract killer who was formerly one of Dick Grayson's best friends during childhood. After Dick Grayson left Haly's Circus, the Court of Owls chose him to serve as a replacement, although he failed to meet their expectations and was left out to die. Having survived, he later resurfaced to take revenge on Dick Grayson, blaming him for his misfortune.[1]


Zero YearEdit

Perpetual MotionEdit

Becoming a Contract KillerEdit

Raymond's kidnapping (Nightwing Vol 3 7)

Raymond becoming a Talon (Nightwing Vol 3 #7)

Having lost their potential candidate, the Court of Owls chooses Raymond to serve as their replacement for Dick Grayson. Faking his death in a car accident staged by Haly, the Court of Owls take Raymond and trained them in their gruesome methods involving isolation and torture. However, not meeting their expectations, they left him for dead in a forest where Raymond suffered scarring to his eyes from being clawed by birds.[2] Escaping his grim fate, he then plots his revenge on Dick Grayson as he blames him for his drastic turn in his life. Prior to going back to Gotham City, he reconnects with his friend, Raya, and enters a romantic relationship as both plot revenge against Dick.[3]

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