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General Information
Official name: Second Hand
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Bludhaven

The Second Hand is a criminal organization based in Blüdhaven that specializes in arms dealings and smuggling off-world and alien technology.[1]


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  • Death Wand: A rod-like weapon in which produces conclusive energy beams.
  • Tele-Tube: Similar to Door, it allows for creating a portal from one location to another.[2]
  • Second Hand's Gauntlets: According to Nightwing, the Gauntlets grants it's user the strength equal to that of a gorilla.[2]
  • Second Hand Time Freezing Gizmo: Alien technology that allows a user to freeze time within a given field.[3]
  • Second Hand's Robot Arm: A robotic arm in which can stretch some distance and grab onto objects or a person.[2]


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