Simon Hurt (Prime Earth)
Real Name Thomas Wayne
Current Alias(es): Doctor Hurt
Other Alias(es) Simon Hurt, El Penitente, Mangrove Pierce
General Information
Relatives Thomas Wayne (Descendant)
Bruce Wayne (Descendant)
Identity Secret
Former Affiliations: Black Glove, Club of Villains, Religion of Crime, Penitente Cartel
Former Occupation: Psycologist
Power(s) Immortality
Characteristics Information
Sex Male
Race Human
Alignment Bad
Status: Alive
Real World Information
Universe Prime Earth
Created by: Sheldon Moldoff, Charles Paris, Grant Morrison

Doctor Hurt (real name Thomas Wayne) is leader of the Black Glove[1] and one of Bruce and Thomas Wayne's distant, devil worshiping ancestors whom, when attempting to summon a demon name Barbatos, instead met the Hyper-Adapter, one of Darkseid's creatures, and became immortal through the being.[2]



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Batman: R.I.PEdit

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Batman & RobinEdit

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Nightwing Must Die!Edit

Doctor Hurt commissioned Professor Pyg to create the dolltron, Deathwing, for his own purposes. When Robin attempted to chase down and fight Deathwing on account of Dolltron Robin's death, Simon shoots Damian from behind with a dart gun, knocking him out. As he laments that tragedy and pain being required for Nightwing to reach his true potential, he has Deathwing abducting the child.[3]


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