Quote1 Women? Men? The parts don't matter. Ask me, they're all crazy, brother. They don't know what they got when they got it. Quote2

Tony (Prime Earth)
Real Name Tony
General Information
Occupation: Bartender at Al's Masse
Characteristics Information
Status: Alive
Real World Information
First Appearance: Midnighter (Volume 2) #1
Created by: Steve Orlando

Tony is a bartender at Al's Massee, a Pool Hall, and a fellow friend of Midnighter.[1]


While giving the usual to Midnighter and joking about his high cholesterol food, he expressed his pleasing to see him once again in a while and asks about Apollo. As he learns him and Midnighter are no longer together, he cites that both men and women are crazy and don't know what they have when the have it. When Midnighter claims Apollo doesn't need him, Tony asks If Midnighter himself asked Apollo that with no answer back. Midnighter (Volume 2) #1


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